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About Radiance

Radiance takes pride in offering genuine Chinese cuisine. Led by gold medal award-winning executive chef, Mr. Zizhao Luo, Radiance offers exquisite fine Chinese food in the traditional Cantonese style of the Shunde region, incorporating influences of other cuisines (such as Sichuan) in our use of spices and certain culinary methods.

Chef Luo believes that the best food is food that is most suitable for the body and the overall well-being. He emphasizes the freshness and right combination of ingredients, couple with the appropriate cooking method and minimal seasoning, the goal being to bring out the original flavor of nature’s best.


From Yelp



Sabrina L.

“This is a great hidden spot to take a break from the bustling of the city.”


Chen H.

“What a beautiful tea house! It is decorated in traditional Chinese style. Perfect place to chat with friends in a lazy afternoon!”


Erin P.

“This tea house is a lovely retreat off the busy streets of New York. They have an extensive tea collection for all tastes and ailments . ”

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